[ic] Is sendmail or other MTA required

Murray Gibbins Murray@scotweb.ltd.uk
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 09:22:32 +0000

Ragen Herrington wrote:
> On my test interchange server, I also run sendmail.  The rest is weird.....
> I can see in my mail logs, that the mail has been sent.  How does
> interchange interface with sendmail?

Like most other programs it opens a file handle to */bin/sendmail and pipes the
mail to it.

>  I ask because what I believe is
> happening is, because my mail is being sent to a real person it is accepted,
> but my from to is hostname.domainname and that cannot be confirmed as my
> sendmail server is behind a firewall, causing the email not to reach the
> person it was sent, kinda like a black hole?!
> Anyway..... how can  I change the from to, from within interchange?

Use the source Luke.
look for the line explained above and use sendmails "-t" flag

> If not, I will read up on address re-writing in sendmail.  Ouch, nothing
> sounds good about that.
You want domainname mapping for that.
posibly virtual hosts too.

Sendmail is quite easy once you get to know it, the notes from a talk I gave on
sendmail.cf can be found at 


PS. most common problems with mail transport come down to DNS

Also have you thought of setting up a smart host, they are great for sending
mail through a firewall.

> Thanks in advance.
> Ragen
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