[ic] ship country ?- tax?

Company InterNet Services info@4co.de
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:28:51 +0100

I need to change the defults for country: USA, canada, other
I want the page that has all the countries to be the defualt (instead of having to click other and waiting 2 seconds)

Also, my sales tax doen't work quite right (by country). 
I there a way to make it calculate seperatly like the TOTAL price.
from database: MTAXno(colum)=MTAXno(colum) +  PRICE (colum) * MTAX(colum)
PRICE (colum)=100.00

01=01 + ( 100.00 * 0.10)

PRICE (colum)=100.00

03=03+ ( 100.00 * 0.15

Then print then print Tax 01-(0.10)...<br>Tax 02-(0.12)...<br>Tax 03-(0.15)...

That way one could dozens of different tax rates, and each would be itemized on the receipt
TOTALPrice=TOTALPrice + (all the taxes caculated)


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