[ic] Trouble with credit_card_info and PGP

jojo@buchonline.net jojo@buchonline.net
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:14:25 +0100 (CET)

Hi list,

I'm in a muddle. I`ve create some catalogs with success. But after CVS
this week, there is a misbehavior with the checkout process. If I use
credit card as a payment methode, all works well. But if I use any kind
of another payment methode like "Payment Method: Company P.O.", I get
the whole credit card info encrypted. This happen with the
catalog construct.

Another misbehavior is my own catalog on IC 4.6.2! With credit
card as a payment methode, it works very well. But with "I will call
you" as a payment methode, I get an attached file
"application/pgp-encryptd (600) bytes". After using pgpv, I get


or (with hexedit)

00000000   0B 62 05 73  74 64 69 6E  08 00 04 50               .b.stdin...P

I can't find the cause. The only thing to get the same result is using

# touch test.txt

# pgpe -fat -r order@buchonline.net -o test.pgp test.txt
  1024 bits, Key ID 4B8ED83E, Created 1999-04-15

Creating output file test.pgp

# pgpv -o test.out test.pgp 
Message is encrypted.
Need a pass phrase to decrypt private key:
  1024 bits, Key ID 448E2750, Created 1999-04-15
Enter pass phrase: 
Pass phrase is good.
Opening file "test.out" type binary.

# cat test.out 

# less test.out 
test.out (END)

# hexedit test.out

00000000   0E 62 08 74  65 73 74 2E  74 78 74 BF  00 04 50     .b.test.txt....P

Why should IC using the encryptor function, if there are no credit card
number or any credit card info?

Any hints, helps or suggestions are very welcome.



Hans-Joachim Leidinger
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