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Greg Cope greg@rubberplant.freeserve.co.uk
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 20:07:21 +0000

Doug Alcorn wrote:
> "Dan Garwood" <res087jh@verizon.net> writes:
> > Michelle,
> >
> > If your hosting company does not setup the mod_minivend, than search engines
> > will have trouble indexing you.
> I'm not sure what mod_minivend does; this is the first I've heard of
> it.  However, there was a good article posted here back on 06 Oct 00
> by Jonathan Clark on the thread for "Meta Tags".  In it he talks about
> strategies for allowing robots to scan you.  Note that his article
> doesn't mention mod_minivend.  Note that I'm not disparaging
> mod_minivend.  I don't know anything about it.  It may be the answer
> to all my indexing woes.  All I'm saying is there are some
> alternatives.

mod_minivend is an Apache module to replace the CGI script and hence
decrease the webserver response time, although you will still wait on
the minivend server.


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