[ic] iexplorer bug?

Chris Rapier rapier@psc.edu
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 22:08:39 -0500

> with Internet Explorer (V5.0) but with netscape there is no problem!!!
> in fact, before it gives me this error, ie asks if i want to accept the

I wish I had something better to tell you but there are a number of
things that work in one browser and not in the other. Its a major PITA
when you run into it because the diagnosis can be difficult. However,
what you are describing sounds like it could be a proxy issue. Make sure
that netscape and IE have the same proxy settings.

If they are the same then you want to start looking through the error
logs. IE might be responding in a way that causes minivend to throw an
error and this will tell you a lot. If you can, 'tail -f' the error log
while you run through the site (with both broswers). Lastly, install the
basic or simple catalog using the https setting you are using for the
site you are developing. If they don't throw an error you'll need to
start dissecting your code. If they do through an error in the same
place you'll want to go through your https installation and make sure
its configured properly. If it is functional then try a different
version of IE. If its specific to that version of IE it might be an
installation problem. See if someone else using 5.0 runs into the same
problem. Of course, you should start by making sure that your
configuration file makes sense.

I often run the basic catalog on the same http server set as the
development site. This just gives me a functional baseline to work from
when I am diagnosing problems.

Good luck

Chris Rapier