[ic] iexplorer bug?

Russ Smith russ@mediaservices.net
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As a former "Microsnot" employee, I say we did have standards: "Pizza on
Fridays". other than that our only other standard was to insure there was an
upgrade every 11 months to every software package 8-)


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Have you tried updating you IE to 5.01? I have done developement on
MiniVend/Interchange sites that take over 50,000 hits a month, and have run
some IE problems, but not this one.

My guess would be, that it is not accepting your dummy cert. even though you
tell it to. Which could be in place to help prevet fraud.

I would sujest upgrading you IE...

Things like this happen with MicroSnot. They DON'T conform to any industry


Quoting al00283876@academ01.slp.itesm.mx:

> Im using interchange 4.6.1 installed from source code with RH7.
> When i click on the PROCEED button to check out and going to a secure
> connection
> i get a dns error, it cant find the requested page or something like
> that
> with Internet Explorer (V5.0) but with netscape there is no problem!!!
> in fact, before it gives me this error, ie asks if i want to accept the
> dummy certificate... i click yes and then it gives me this error....
> my url is like:
> http://whatever.com and for the secure connection https://whatever.com
> https://whatever.com/cgi-bin/construct/process.html
> Is this a bug on IE or what??
> and if it is, is there a way to correct this?
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