[ic] form_mail.

Rene Hertell rene@hertell.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:43:21 +0200

}    Yes, but it is time to read the source and docs. There is also:
}    [email-raw]
}    From: me@mine.com
}    To: you@yours.com
}    Subject: Testing
}    Bcc: whoever@whereever.com
}    Message.
}    [/email-raw]

Thanks! I checked that usertag before posting, but I did not understand that
you can specify own fields...
I suggest that this example should be an example in the email-raw
doc-section... :)

}    Again, look at the examples. Does noone besides me know how to
}    use grep? 8-)

Actually I'm, not good at this at all :( Sorry for my lack of knowledge...