[ic] Random Vertical Component... Gone?

Joshua Scott josh@bluebonnet.net
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 23:05:34 -0600

I am sorry I will try to be more clear.

We were using version 4.6 of Interchange, on Friday we did a backup  of the
server and upgraded (ie.. installed the latest version of Interchange) We
had three sites that used Interchange, all of which made use of the Random
Vertical Component. After the upgrade all three site fuctioned and appeared
the same with the exception that any place where we used the R.V Component,
was blank. We can use any of the other components succesfully except for
that one.

My question is, is there a way of using this component with the latest
version of the software?

I hope this is more clear, if needed I can consult with our system
administrator as to any error messages.


Joshua Scott
Web Designer