[ic] (expired)

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 14:22:55 -0700

>Seems that many people, myself included, are having this problem. I don't
>know the solution, but the command under the buy button in results.html is
><td valign=top ><input type=submit value=Buy
>In the pages produced by flypage.html, the command is:
><td align="center">
>  <input type="submit" value="Buy it Now!">
>Ordering works from flypages and reslts_big.html, but not results.html. I
>tried exchanging the
>buy command from flypage.html with results.html as a quick fix, but still
>got the (expired) page.

Well, what form is it submitting to?  Perhaps you're missing a few 
bits.  And instead of using a button, have you looked into the [order] tag, 
which generates an ordering link?

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