[ic] PGP error - credit card encryption error

Marcelo F. De Paula tintones@hotmail.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 04:11:34


I'm new in PGP encrypitation. I have download the PGP from www.pgpi.org and 
have tested it okay thrue the console.

I'm using a constructor demo store to test it.

But i don't know how to make it works with IC. When i try to checkout 
something with credit card i receive a error message in the browser's credit 
card box: Credit card encryption error

My catalogue.cfg is like:

Variable    ENCRYPTOR       pgp -eat

# Main route must be last to make default
Route main        attach           0
Route main        credit_card      0
Route main        cybermode        ""
Route main        default          0
Route main        email            '__ORDERS_TO__'
Route main        encrypt          0
Route main        encrypt_program  '__ENCRYPTOR__'
Route main        errors_to        '__ORDERS_TO__'
Route main        increment        0
Route main        pgp_cc_key       "0x0363868d"
Route main        pgp_key          "0x0363868d"
Route main        receipt          etc/receipt.html
Route main        report           etc/report
Route main        supplant         1
Route main        individual_track orders
Route main        track            logs/tracking.asc

Can anyone help me? Am i using the right version of free PGP?

In the documentation the commands are like pgpe, and its not working with 

Thanks for any help.

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