[ic] Help with Secure server setup!!

Guy Soudant soudant@home.nl
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 07:53:38 +0100

Hi All,

I run the 4.6.3 interchange server, and it all works fine on the normal 
webserver. But when I try to chech out using a secure server, or call 
pages on the secure server (except for the main index page) I get a 404 
Error. The secure server itself works fine, and I can browse all folders 
on the secure server (has been activated for test purposes). I can access 
the main index page through the secure server 
(https://secure.myprovider.com/~myaccount/construct). If I try to view a 
different page on my secure server, then I also get a 404 error. In my 
opinion this is strange, since when I access 
http://www.mydomain.net/construct I see the same directory structure as 
when I call https://secure.myprovider.com/~myaccount/construct.

I did notice, however, that the IP addresses of the regular server and 
the secure server are different, but since the hosting provider has 
installed the application themselves on two different virtual servers 
(two different IP's), it should work.

Is there anyone who knows what I did wrong and how I can get this secure 
server to work properly with Interchange. I simply cannot figure out why 
I get this error. Help highly appreciated.

Thanx in advance

Guy Soudant