[ic] Merchant Account question using the Construct Something template??

Dan Garwood res087jh@verizon.net
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There are several ways you can take the credit card information.

#1. you can take the credit card information and leave the order as pending
until you can manually authorize it.

#2. You can do what is called a live capture or live authorization, whiuch
takes the credit card info and transfers it through a gateway that you are
useing, (such as cybercash or authorize net) Than if the card is approved
the order is approved and money is put in your account and you ship the

The only way to learn is roll up your sleves and dig in.

Dan G

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Dear Interchange users,
I am using the "Construct Something" template to make my e-commerce site for
my business.  I would like to know whoever reads this if they have an
e-commerce or any type of site using the Construct Something Template?  I
would like to see the possibilities of this template.  If your site is
e-commerce I have another question.  I already have a merchant account now I
just need to make the site.  How do I "link" my homepage and my merchant
account together so I can take credit cards in real time?  Im confused about
this.  Or do I take the credit card info after the order is placed then when
the order arrives to me via e-mail then go my virtual credit card machine on
the net then charge it this way??  Does someone know how to intergrate the
two?  If anyone has information can you please send it my way?  My e-mail
is:   Psirix@aol.com
I appreciate your help.
Thank you,
Nick Gregory

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