[ic] mailman feature request: 1st question always returned

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@leidinger.net
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:44:36 +0100

Dan B wrote:
> Idea (due to all the FAQ asked on this list):
> The first time a new subscribe posts to the list, the post is blocked and
> returned to sender, with the following text:
> ----
> Before your first post can be sent to the list, you *must* research all the
> following materials to see if you question has been asked and answered before:
> 1. FAQ http://...
> 2. Docs (searchable) http://...
> 3. Mailing list archive (searchable) http://...
> Your first post has been returned, if you send it again it will get
> through.  But please check if it is a FAQ.
> ----
> If mailman has this feature already it would be nice to have turned on.  If
> not, someone should take this to the mailman developers.
> Just a thought,

Hmmm...this is a idea, but if some MV/IC-Guru has a question and didn't
find any answer from docs, archives, etc....should he or she always post
his questions two times?
Or what do you mean with "first post"?


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