[ic] Lost / changing session id using proxy server without cookies

Christian Singer c.singer@t-online.de
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 10:20:18 +0100

I am loosing track of my current session and basket
content with the following set-up:

- MiniVend 4.0.4  /  RedHat 6.2 (German)

- Web browser (Netscape 4.5) has cookies disabled
   and proxy server enabled

- ISP for client access is T-Online with multiple, dynamically
   allocated proxies (IP addresses changing)

- catalog.cfg entry:  WideOpen  Yes   (effect verified)

- Proxy caching disabled by meta tags
   (expires - 0; pragma - no-cache)

With this configuration every new page sent by MiniVend
comes with a different session id.
So what else could be done to solve this problem.
Especially, I'd like to know if anyone has got MiniVend /
Interchange working properly with no cookies, proxy server
enabled and client web access via T-Online.

Any help highly appreciated.

Christian Singer