[ic] order reporting & purchase orders

Ken Dailey ken@desktech.com
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 10:45:41 -0600

I am still unable to get orders that are placed with the Purchase Order
option to show up on the Order report or the Customer report in the Admin
area of the Construct demo.

After looking in error.log and logs/log I found several errors. After taking
Dan B's advice of setting NoAbsolute to No in the .cfg, I got rid of the
{IP, DATE, TIME} construct /construct/construct.cgi/admin/genconfig Can't
read file '/home/dtdemo/catalogs/construct/etc/status.construct' with
NoAbsolute set

However, I am still having having the problem with the Purchase Orders.
In logs/log I am getting this message for all purchase orders:
#### begin 000004 #####
There was an error adding to the transaction log.
     Logout auto-created user: 1
#### end 000004 #####
Sending email copy of order 000004 to ken@desktech.com: 1

And this message in error.log:
{IP, DATE, TIME} construct /construct/construct.cgi/process.html Attempt to
set userdb::password::U00005 in read-only table

I also get this message in the error log when I first choose to checkout the
shopping cart:
{IP, DATE, TIME} construct /construct/construct.cgi/ord/checkout.html search
error: Limit subroutine creation: bad limit creation code in coordinated
search, probably search group without search specification. at
/home/dtdemo/interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 703.

Any more ideas?
Ken Dailey <ken@desktech.com> 612.825.0999
DeskTech Computer & Internet Services <http://www.desktech.com>