[ic] displaying items in order

Bob Puff@NLE bob@nleaudio.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 17:40:19 -0500

After entering a bunch of new items to my catalog, I noticed that they seem not to be sorted in any specific order.  I tried arranging them in the products.txt file according to SKU #, but this didn't seem to help.

If possible, I would like a certain order, but alphabetically or by SKU # would both work.

Also, in the construct demo, when you click on a category on the left, it displays the contents of that directory in the middle of the sceeen.  How can I make this go all the way to the right edge?  It looks like the page is using the left/center/right template, but I don't know what page is used to edit.

I'd like to add a "Checkout" button on the page too...