[ic] Credit Card question? & Does anyone have a WebPage using Construct Something?

Psirix@aol.com Psirix@aol.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 21:58:48 EST

Dear interchange users:
Im a new user to the Construct Something web tool.  I was wondering if anyone has made their homepage with it and does anyone have their Home Page, either e-commerce or non-e-commerce site, on the web?? I would like to see what the Construct Something can do!!  I appreciate it!
If anyone has an e-commerce site, how do you take credit cards? I already have a merchant account through EPenzio  (epenzio.com) but I dont know how to link the two so I can accept credit cards.  Does anyone have advice?  Once someone places their order should I take their credit card info then charge the card myself with my administrator part of my merchant account? One more thing when someone places their order does their address, credit card info etc sent directly to me?  I truely appreciate anyones help!
If anyone can e-mail me my address is: Psirix@aol.com