[ic] How do I set Discounts

Jon Pamment jon@icaust.com
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 16:28:46 +1100

I have just started on the interchange journey so please excuse what may be
a dumb question.
I'm going to use the "Construct Something" templates to create my own site.
I have dealers and customers and I want the to each get different prices.

When you enter the demo site from an affiliate site there is a box
explaining that if a "dealer" logs in they will/can see discounted prices.

In the administration area I found the check box to set if a customer is a
dealer or not, but I cant find how to set the discount they are entitled to.
I've looked in each of the pdf manuals, the faq and used the search but I
cant find the answer.

What do I do?