[ic] Buy Button Seems to Create Bad Robot Error and redirects to local host

Christopher VanOosterhout chris@vanoosterhout.com
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:34:12 -0500


I am still trying to tackle a buy button problem on the results.html page 
in the construct demo.  The buy button on my results(.html) page when 
clicked on product "11014" in Netscape creates the following URL:

A couple of interesting things here:

1) first the number of "%d3" in the URL is 51.  That happens to be one more 
than the 50 limit set on the RobotLimit directive in my catalog.cfg file.

2) when ever I do this, I get the error in the logs saying: westerbeke 
/cgi-bin/westerbeke/process.html WARNING: POSSIBLE BAD ROBOT. 51 accesses 
with no 30 second pause. (that relates to the number above)

3) Notice also that the host URL resolves out to my local host 
instead of  my standard URL.

4) This does not happen in IE.  IE does not work either, however when I use 
IE I get sent to the expired.html page.

I have read over the RobotLimit messages in the archive and it appears that 
increasing this limit will only increase the amount of time needed before I 
get the error.

Do you think that the setting for RobotLimit is the problem?
Any ideas why I get two different erroneous responses from two different 
browsers?  The responses do not "seem" related.

Why would this error resolve out to  Is there a setting I should 
change in my catalog.cfg?

Thanks for any input.

Christopher VanOosterhout