[ic] Ergent..Please help.

Lord Valankar valankar@nmo.net
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 12:48:59 -0500

"Thomas N. Stefanidis" wrote:
> Is it so hard to get an anwser?
> I have asked this question a thousand times.Can someone please tell me
> how to add different prices on a sizes(in the same product).
> Thank u in advance.
> Thomas


Hi Thomas,
	I am answering you off list because I am not the most knowledgeable
interchange person but I believe that the answer you seek has already
been given, either to you or someone else in the archives.

	At some point I recall Mike saying that the easiest way to do this
would be to create different products for each of the various sizes. For

	Say you sell a sweatshirt with a penguin on it. It comes in Small,
Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The easiest way of handling this is to
create separate sku's (part numbers or products) for each different

	This may sound silly at first, but it actually makes sense because it
allows you and their for the system to track properly the sales of the
individual sizes. (Think for a moment of inventory tracking - If all the
sizes were lumped into one sum quantity, how would you know if you were
out of Extra Large?)

	If it was absolutely necessary to use only one sku for the penguin
shirt the only way I can think of maintaining and linking the quantities
on hand as well as the different sizes would be some kind of convolution
with a joined query. (And sorry I can't help, I'm not that good with
Interchange yet, but it would be something to bounce off someone with a
little more experience =)

	Anyway, hope this helps you a little, and best of luck! 

    Valankar (aka Dwagon)

    "Just remember: If life didn't suck we would all fly off the earth."