[ic] Is this a bug?

Denis Heinrichs denis@artofmusicproject.com
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 10:08:40 -0800

I have a site based upon the "construct something" example.

In  template/components/random_vertical is the line:
    random="[either][scratch component_vsize][or]3[/either]"

This works fine on my development server, but when I post to my
production server, it didn't work.  My development and production
server both use mysql, although the production server has the database
on a remote machine.

I got everything working with:
    random="[either][scratch component_vsize][or]3[/either]"

Is this a bug in the way that IC works with mysql and tables?

Denis Heinrichs
Director of Technology
The Art of Music Project