[ic] Secure / Normal store

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 14:49:42 -0800

Hey Steve,

I had to do just something like this when we had our secure server with a
different domain then the customer's domain.  I ended up just copying the
cgi program into the secure directory and it worked as designed without the
undefined catalog error.  If that in fact doesn't work for you may try a
symbolic link from your secure-cgi-dir/cat-program ->

Good luck!

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Date: Friday, March 02, 2001 2:37 PM
Subject: [ic] Secure / Normal store

>Okay, I want to have a secured checkout page, but normal browsing.
>Our web server is set up so that the CGI-BIN for secure pages is different
from the one for insecure pages.
>I have set AlwaysSecure ord/checkout, and have defined SecureURL.
>It tries to switch to https mode, but then complains that the catalog is
undefined.  I have put a copy of the same vlink program over in the secure
cgi-bin directory as is in the main directory.
>I tried to put a duplicate catalog line in the interchange.cfg, but it
appears that it only looks at the first one for a given store name.  If I
set this up as a different store name, won't it loose access to the
basket/etc they were browsing in when they were in insecure mode?
>Help, open to pointers. ;-)
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