[ic] Buy Button Seems to Create Bad Robot Error and redirects to local host

Ryan Hertz rhertz@gyb.baits.com
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 17:30:03 -0700

At 09:34 AM 3/2/01 , you wrote:

>I am still trying to tackle a buy button problem on the results.html page 
>in the construct demo.  The buy button on my results(.html) page when 
>clicked on product "11014" in Netscape creates the following URL:

Why are you generating that URL?

>A couple of interesting things here:
>1) first the number of "%d3" in the URL is 51.  That happens to be one 
>more than the 50 limit set on the RobotLimit directive in my catalog.cfg file.
>2) when ever I do this, I get the error in the logs saying: westerbeke 
>/cgi-bin/westerbeke/process.html WARNING: POSSIBLE BAD ROBOT. 51 accesses 
>with no 30 second pause. (that relates to the number above)


>3) Notice also that the host URL resolves out to my local host 
>instead of  my standard URL.

That's the robot defense.  This is a feature.

>4) This does not happen in IE.  IE does not work either, however when I 
>use IE I get sent to the expired.html page.

Don't know, but probably related.

>I have read over the RobotLimit messages in the archive and it appears 
>that increasing this limit will only increase the amount of time needed 
>before I get the error.

RobotLimit is the maximum number of single page loads within 30 
seconds.  Why you have a URL that creates 51 accesses, I can't imagine.

>Do you think that the setting for RobotLimit is the problem?
>Any ideas why I get two different erroneous responses from two different 
>browsers?  The responses do not "seem" related.
>Why would this error resolve out to  Is there a setting I 
>should change in my catalog.cfg?
>Thanks for any input.
>Christopher VanOosterhout

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