[ic] shipping cost problem

Karsten Fuhrmann fuhrmann@cs.tu-berlin.de
Sat, 03 Mar 2001 01:40:01 +0100

Hello I have a problem with my shipping cost calculations.

I wanted to have a simple check if the total amount of ordered articles
is above a fixed value (say 600 USD) when this is the case no shipping
costs should evolve, otherwise the shipping costs should be a fixed
value (say 13.92 USD)

Now i set up a shipping.asc and put the file into the products dir.
The file content is :

mode    description     criteria        min     max     cost    next
zone    query   qual    perl    total   opt
default Standard Versand        price   0       0       e 0
default Standard Versand        price   0       600     f 13.92
default Standard Versand        price   601     999999  e 0

And in my catalog.cfg i have the line
ValuesDefault    mv_shipmode       default

and thats it i thought.
but it is not working, the shipping costs are always zero.

Where is my mistake.

Thx Karsten Fuhrmann