[ic] GPG problem ,with interchange

Marcelo F. De Paula tintones@hotmail.com
Sat, 03 Mar 2001 05:21:28

>The documentation to the contrary, I think a proper encryptor would >be:
>Variable    ENCRYPTOR  /usr/bin/gpg --always-trust --batch -ea -r 
> >tintones@hotmail.com 2>/tmp/debug_gpg
>Typo, I think.


I did what you what you said, it works fine. But the encrypted credit card 
number was in the body of the e-mail, between the order information. is that 
correct? I have seen so many e-mails saying that the encryption comes as an 

Another thing is, I try to use PGP instead of GPG because GPG do not work 
with email clients for windows as I have noticed. (as most of my clients 
will use windows).

I use: PGP -ea marcelo

But the e-mail arrives empty. Is there another configuration somewhere else?

Hope you can help because, I have run almost all interchange mailing list 
trying to find something to help me with no success.


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