[ic] Price and different sizes??HA!I DID IT!!!!!!(read step-by step instructions)

Thomas N. Stefanidis thomas@prometheas.gr
Sat, 03 Mar 2001 21:18:48 +0200

I did it !!
Now i can have different prices for diffent sizes!!
I know that many people want this.
Here is a step by step sollution(at least this works to me)

1)Find all your product that have sizes(duh!)
2)You then have to  add new rows in the table "pricing".
U add all the sizes that u have (SMALL,LARGE,XL.....whatever sizes u
If u don't know sql, u can easily do it with MySQLMan.It's free.(
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/ ).It's a web interface to your
mysql server.(if u have any questions about that,send me a mail).
But be careful!!
There is one problem.....There can't be 2 same sizes...
So u can do is something like that :
for the sizes of the 1st product add a row like
for the 2nd product :
3)Now go to the product pages.
Add a new product and in the field "size" add something like that : If u
added a row in the pricing table called "XL", then add in size1-a=Extra
The first part(before  "=" is the row in the pricing table.The second
part(Extra Large) is what u want the customers to see.
If u have multiple sizes,u have to add commas :
size1-a=Small,size1-b=Large,size1-b=Extra Large
for the second product :
size2-a=Extra Small
4)Go to the pricing table through your UI(go to Item menu-->Choose a
(The pricing menu is located under the "Item list  and the Create new
item" bar).
5)Find the sizes for the products and add the prices.
6)Go to your catalog.cfg.
7)Find the CommonAdjust  line and add
CommonAdjust    ==size:pricing ;products:price,
8)From the UI,"apply changes"
9)That's it!!

I was thinking of doing this :
Instead of the price to be displayed as text,to be displayed in a text
form.So....when a user chooses a new size,somehow(javasript)the new
price will be displayed in the text field so he won't have to go every
time to the basket to see how much this particular size cost.
Or!!Maybe i can just do this!
While adding a new product,i can something like this :
1)Give as the product price the smallest sizes price.(lets say 40$)
Then in the size field i can do something like
size1-a=Small(40$) -->(this will be the default price)
So the user will know how much he will pay....

I did enough "thinking" for one day!!
time to rest.
Please if u have any questions or ideas,let me know!