[ic] Urgent Help

Murray Gibbins Murray@scotweb.ltd.uk
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 15:21:24 +0000

Robert Trembath wrote:
> I've done that with no change. I did have an apache problem this morning as
> well. Some old IP's for virtualhosts showed up after being deleted 3 months
> ago. I went and deleted those IP's from the http.conf file and then had an
> error about a missing error_log file. I looked in var/log/ and couldn't even
> fing httpd directory. So I created it and the error_log file and restarted
> apache and it was up and running again, but interchange died. It says its
> started when I manually start the service but I keep getting that error
> message:

H'm If i got this I would think that I has lost a load of files and then someone
had restored them from a 3 month old back up.

Interchange will start and report a corect start up , each catalog in it may
fail however. That's just how it works.

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