[ic] user database userdb does not exist

Paul Childs pchilds@coatingsmart.com
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 13:02:57 -0500


	I evaluating interchange to see if this is something my company can use
and I am running into some problems.  One of the more frustration ones
is our inability to figure out how to get the userdb.txt file to be
imported into a userdb.gdbm.  Right now if you log in on our test site
the error message we get is:

Sorry, there was an error in processing this form action. Please report
the error or try again later. (user database userdb does not exist. )

	We used the login example from the Documentation but seem to get the
error all the time.  We are not trying anything fancy and I have been
through the Documentation a couple times.  If I missed something in the
Documentation can you point me to the right pdf and page number?  Is
there something in the catalog.cfg that tells interchange were the
userdb.txt or userdb.gdbm is or should be.
	I realize I am probably missing some small detail, and would appreciate
any help in finding out what that is.  Thanks.