[ic] CCVS and CyberCash Bankrupcy

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 15:50:17 -0500

Hi Ron!  Thanks for the input.  I know from the list that Verisign bought 
Signio (sp?) a while back, but having not used the  product, that's about 
all I know.  I checked out Verisign's site quickly, and I'm guessing that 
the "PayFlow" software is what I'd be looking for?  How does the interface 
compare to CyberCash from the customer's end?  Most of my clients have 
liked the flex that the CyberCash cash register website has given them for 
being able to pull reports or manually run auths/returns.  Does Verisign 
offer something similar?

I'm assuming from what I've read on the list that with the latest IC it 
should just be a matter of switching out a couple of config files to move a 
site from CC to Verisign.  Are there any gotchas I should be on the lookout 

Thanks much!


At 10:36 PM 3/4/01, you wrote:
>Checkout out Verisign for your clients, their prices are lower then
>CyberCash's, the integration is already written for IC and their network has
>only gone down for maintenance twice for under 2 hours in the time I've been
>with them.  Take it easy!
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> > Could someone who has done a CCVS integration drop me a line with some
> > pointers as to "required reading"?  With CyberCash filing Chapter 11, some
> > of my customers have contacted me about other alternatives.
> >
> > In case you had not heard, here's the press releases from CyberCash:
> >
> > http://www.cybercash.com/restructure/
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> > TIA!
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