[ic] CCVS and CyberCash Bankrupcy

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 14:31:14 -0800

> Hi Ron!  Thanks for the input.  I know from the list that Verisign bought
> Signio (sp?) a while back, but having not used the  product, that's about
> all I know.  I checked out Verisign's site quickly, and I'm guessing that
> the "PayFlow" software is what I'd be looking for?  How does the interface
> compare to CyberCash from the customer's end?  Most of my clients have
> liked the flex that the CyberCash cash register website has given them for
> being able to pull reports or manually run auths/returns.  Does Verisign
> offer something similar?

Hello Eric!

Yes that's true, Verisign did purchase Signio awhile back, therefore the
modules in IC are still referred to as 'Signio'.  The package you will need
is PayFlow Pro which is the equivalent to Cybercash's gateway system.  If
you'd like to checkout the interface, sign up for a test account and you'll
be able to mess around with Payflow Pro in test mode.  I have not seen
Cybercash's interface due to the expensive startup fees and monthly charges.
Our customers have been happy with PayFlow Pro's online interface and we are
using it ourselves for manual transactions for internet services and
automatic transactions with our ecommerce site: http://www.mygamewear.com .
It's fairly easy to do manual auths and refunds as well as automatic
transactions using the PfPro interface.

> I'm assuming from what I've read on the list that with the latest IC it
> should just be a matter of switching out a couple of config files to move
> site from CC to Verisign.  Are there any gotchas I should be on the
> for?

With IC it is fairly simple to setup.  The steps are in the etc directory of
the TAR distribution is a file called Signio.  I made one change to that
module to allow for the return of errors into the Credit Card heading of the
demo store.  I'd setup a test account with verisign and a test demo store to
make sure it works on your system.  You'll need to download the PfPro files
for your platform and get those up and running as well.  If you run alpha
boxes I spent quite a bit of time getting the JVM + PfPro + IC to work
correctly but that is what's running on MyGamewear.com.  I can't think of
any other gotchas, good luck!