[ic] Error reported on checkout form only in CC live mode

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 08:49:20 -0800


I've have not looked at the authorizenet module however it was based loosely
on the Signio module if I remember correctly.  So go through and remove the
'#' in front of each logDebug statement.  Turn debugging on for interchange
and place a test order.  You should then see each piece of the authorizenet
module being called.  This will clue you in to what your problem is.  Good


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> Hi,
> I know this is repeating Choong's question a few weeks ago, but I need to
> fix this fast and he didn't seem to get an answer:
> Test mode seems to work (I get a receipt and the order gets emailed, but
> payment gateway logs no transactions in test mode, so I can't really tell
> it got through)
> With test mode turned off, IC reports an error on the checkout form, but
> fields are marked in red.
> Debug is turned on, and there is a startup record in /tmp/icdebug, but no
> errors reported.
> No errors are reported in interchange/error.log
> A test copy of globalsub/authorizenet passes through perl ok
> Anything else I should check before using a real card (mine...)?
> Jerry O'Brien
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