[ic] Backend - uploading new files problem

Alex Lam support@integricity.com
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 01:56:53 +0800

I'm not sure if anyone has encountered this problem, or whether you just use
ftp into your server, but we are restricting the use of ftp into the server
for security reasons, and we want to use the backend alone.

Using the file transfer component under Content, we find that uploading
(more like updating) a file that already exists is fine, as you can click on
the little ^ up arrow and upload. (The file in mention is upload_other.html)
But what if I want to upload a new graphic / file that has not already been
named as such, using the web interface. I think there should be arrows next
to the folder name to enable users to upload new files

It's a simple issue, but I think it might want to be addressed for future IC
editions. Or does anyone have the simple hack to work around this?