[ic] After search - click on "buy" and goes to nothing.html

Kristina Pullon kpullon@hotmail.com
Tue, 06 Mar 2001 13:40:45 -0500

hi -

after a customer searches for a product (or clicks a catagory) -
when you put your quantity in and click "buy" or "buy list" it
goes to an (expired) page or nothing.html page.

this only happens when you search a product and use the "buy" buttons -
not when you click on the product itself and use the "buy this now!" button.

ive checked into the actual pages to see if the [process-target] is there - 
and it is... so why is this coming up "nothing"?

thanks in advance

ps - its doing this in the demo at akopia as well - so its nothing i messed 
up... try it out
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