[ic] Failure to ignore IP addresses / 'wideOpen' not working

Christian Singer c.singer@t-online.de
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 09:22:44 +0100

Although having done a lot of experimenting I still
can't make MV (4.04a) ignore IP addresses.
Have tried 'WideOpen yes', 'DomainTail no' plus
setting 'IpHead' and 'IpQuad' etc.
The only effect these settings bring about is to
change the session file names so that these contain
no or only part of the IP address.
Nevertheless, when I start a session and fill the
shopping cart on a machine in my LAN and then
try to access the shopping cart of this session
from another machine (using the same session
id) the session is killed and can't even be accessed
from the first machine where it had been initiated.
I think this can only be due to the different IP
addresses, which MV failes to ignore.
Would I really have to tamper with 'Session.pm' to
cope with changing IP addresses?
Can anyone verify this problem (bug) -- or even
better -- provide a solution or work-around?

Christian Singer