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Denis Heinrichs denis@artofmusicproject.com
Wed, 07 Mar 2001 14:36:18 -0800

In the Construct Something demo, the banner files (a1,a2,a3.gif) are referenced
in the templates.  The files can be modified individually to make up the banner
you can add you own images into the templates.  These templates are stored in
templates directory and its sub-dirs.  The templates are made up of
multiple parts. If you take the "leftright" template as an example.  Its
file is in the templates dir.  It is made up of LEFTRIGHT_TOP
and LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM files as found in the templates/regions
directory.  These two files put together make up a
standard HTML file (with IC tags of course).  LEFTRIGHT_TOP contains
the banners that you are looking for.  The top and bottom files also have
include statements that load in components as found in the templates/components
dir.  These components are this such as vertical and horizontal promotional
specials, etc... In the UI, you can select/change what template a given page
uses by
using the page editor under the content menu.  What you see in this editor is
by settings in the template file in the templates dir.

The templates that are defined in the construct something example as fairly
straightforward, the only real catch is that one must remember that they are
made up of top and bottom components.  If you change the structure of one,
you will likely have to change it counterpart.

I hope this helps people.

youwillsave wrote:

> I am just learning about this stuff too. Don't feel bad. I changed my
> banners by replacing the banner gif files with my own pics. The banner gif
> files are a1.gif, a2.gif and a3.gif
> The gifs can be replaced by using you ftp program. Just find a1,2 and 3 gifs
> in the interchange files and upload your pics, named the same (a1,a2,a3.gif)
> and overwrite the exsiting ones.
> Hope you can understand this, if not let me know and I'll try again:)
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> > Hi folks
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> > It Seems a lot of people understand this IC  really well. I just hope my
> > question is not a stupid one, but here it is anyway; I cannot seem to
> figure
> > out how to remove the banners and put my company banners on there for a
> > start. If you are laughing, I certainly understand, for those with
> > compassion please help me out!
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Chenjerai
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