[ic] custom payments - very bad GlobalSub problem (?)

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Thu, 08 Mar 2001 09:08:30 +0700

You are probably missing some prerequisite modules. If you search the 
archives you will find more discussions on this subject. One quick 
check: strip out the comments and the GlobalSub control stuff, leaving 
only the perl subroutine. Then compile the subroutine and see what errors 
you get. Any error will cause the subroutine to be rejected as bad.


On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:24:04 -0800 (PST), Larry Morley wrote:

>Hi -
>Hopefully someone can help me out here; I really need it...
>I can't get the GlobalSub for authorizenet, signio, etc. working.  I
>created a simple script and put it in my /usr/lib/interchange/eg/globalsub
>directory (that's the directory created by the RPM install and makecat).
>I need to get Interchange to interface to a variety of different systems.
>Unfortunately right now I cant get custom payment processing to talk
>to anything at all...
>I don't actually know if the globalsub in question is getting found and
>executed.  The error in the error.log file simply says:
>... construct /cgi-bin/construct/process.html bad custom payment
>GlobalSub: authorizenet
>The script compiles fine with the GlobalSub, etc. tags removed (when I
>turn it into a regular Perl script for a minute).  I've replaced the
>authorizenet script with everything I can think of including a simple
>script that shouldn't do anything more than create a file.  Even that
>doesn't work (no file is created, and the same error as above ends up
>in error.log).
>I've stripped this thing down to the point where its as lean as it can be.
>My /etc/interchange.cfg has an #include pointing to it; I've tried putting
>the #include in different parts of the file (no luck).  At this point I'm
>certain the thing is actually getting found and executed by Interchange.
>Been through the mailing list archives, and tried everything that looked
>applicable...  Can someone help me out?  It's Interchange 4.6.3-1 (RPM
>install) on RedHat 6.2.
>I'd like to have a very simple GlobalSub that does nothing more than
>echo whatever's passed to it (for order info) by GlobalSub.  I thought I'd
>written one.  But ...  Also, does anyone know where there are docs on
>these gizmos?  Especially the custom payment routine ones?
>Thanks in advance,
>Larry Morley
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