[ic] AllowGlobal

Timothy Cassidy 6tc1@qlink.queensu.ca
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 21:27:47 -0500 (EST)

Can someone give me an example of using AllowGlobal?  All I can find are
little tidbits of information on it.  Apparently it should be placed in
the interchange.cfg file and I found this:
7.4. AllowGlobal *global*
Specifies catalog identifiers that may define subroutines and UserTag
entries that can operate with the full
permissions of the server. DON'T USE THIS UNLESS THE CATALOG USER IS
TRUSTED IMPLICITLY. Default is blank.
AllowGlobal simple

I have tried adding this line
AllowGlobal simple
to my interchange.cfg

but when I try to execute embedded perl code that causes this error:
failed safe check: require trapped by operation mask at (eval 106) line 2,
FIG> line 282.

the error continues to occur even with that line added to my
interchange.cfg file.

The reason I want to know more about it is because I think it will solve
the problems I seem to be having with executing Perl modules (specifically
JVM) in my embedded Perl code.  It is extremely frustrating because I am
able to use this JVM module in regular Perl code, but when I try to
execute it in the embedded Perl code, it fails.

Also the most basic JVM code I could produce that works is:
use Jvm;
new Jvm();

print "\nComplete!\n";
sub ts_obj {
    print "Testing Object ...\n";
    my $out = Jvm::getProperty("java.lang.System", "out",
    new Jvm();
    $out->println("(Ljava/lang/String;)V", "Hello world!");

Can anyone suggest how I should write that in embedded perl (if I am ever
able to access that module)?  I would think I should just put this code
into the interchange.cfg file (make it a global sub) and call that sub
from my embedded perl code.  Is that correct?

Thanks and sorry for my apparent extreme ignorance,
Tim Cassidy