[ic] User Specified Price?

Steve Palm stevep@sga.org
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 08:39:37 -0600

> > > > We would like to offer the customer an opportunity to make an
>> > > extra donation, amount specified by them, along with any orders
>> > > they place.
>> > >
>> > > Is this easily do-able, to have a product with a user-changeable
>> > > on-the-fly price?
>> > >
>> > > If not, what other options might exist?
> > > >
>Seems to me like a whole Pandora's boxe when you start letting
>customers name their prices and build custom items; I'm not even sure
>how one could know what is or is not valid.  What about returns?

 Returns?  On a donation?  :-)
 The whole point of this is to allow people who are getting books
 from our non-profit organization to easily make an extra contribution
 along with their order.  There is no product to ship in this case,
 nor is there any concern over returns.
 I still haven't been able to think of a way to pull this off....
 For a while I was looking at [fly-list], but that only allows you
 to reference (from what I read) an existing catalog item, as it
 exists in the products database.
 I think I need a [fly-item] where I can specify an item at will,
 basically giving it a SKU, description, weight, price, etc....,
 and putting it in their cart.

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