[ic] Install problem on SCO Unixware 7.1.1

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb@zenez.com
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 08:10:25 -0700 (MST)

I do not claim to be an expert.  I am only sharing how I have it all
working.  I may be wrong, but I do have it working with many different
user and multiple catalogs.  This is only my opinion.  I am now letting my
ignorace out for all to see.  I just know I have it working.  I am using
both perl 5.005_03, 5.005_63, and perl 5.6.0.

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Marc Braun wrote:
> Thanks for your help!
> We found out that we used the wrong Perl-Version.
> Now the configure-script works but the installation still crashes
> because test.pl gets the following errors:
> server/unixmode.......ok 1
> server/startup........ok 2
> link/unixmode.........ok 3
> server/inetmode.......ok 4
> link/inetmode.........not ok 5
> server/control........not ok 6
> 6 tests run -- 2/6 failed.

> Any ideas what´s wrong?

I never could get those tests to work.  I just did a make install and used
the socket.  I did find that if I use many different users with the same
ic server I had to make the socket permissions 777 and setuid and setgid

I run my apache server as nouser and nogroup with suexec.  I have each
catalog use vlink.  It is copied to the cgi-bin directory as catalog name.
It is owned by the user and by the interch group I setup.  After I start
IC all new files created by IC in the users catalog directory are owned by
the IC users.  If you want them owned by the catalog user I have found
they have to have group write access -rw-rw-r--.  This is only if you want
the owner of the files to be the catalog owner.  I do have the groups
setgid.  I hope this helps.  The three demo catalogs all work.  My
etc/socket is -rwsrwsrwx in the interchange user directory.  I set the
mode after I restart interchange.

Good Luck,

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