[ic] Import / Export in Excel carriage returns

Andreas, Scott Scott.Andreas@learningco.com
Fri, 9 Mar 2001 09:09:52 -0800

First question is what version of Ic are you using and second did you
declare in your products database that you are using Excel. You should have:

Database products EXCEL 1 

listed in your catalog.cfg file.

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Hi folks...

Have you guys encountered problems after importing / exporting data in
Excel where the end of line characters are taken into the SQL database
and muck up your values ?

For instance, I entered some products thru the web interface into
category abc and when I entered a whole bunch more in Excel, they
appeared as abc^M or abc\r

So, when the category in the left nav bar is clicked I'd get

|    abc     |
| products                   |
|    abc     |
| products                   |

It's because the search sees abc and abc\r as two diff values. I know
I can do a complex search, but that is not getting to the root of the
problem. Any gurus with advice?


Alex Lam

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