[ic] Hrm, not in inventory or pricing?

Sickchef sickchef@hawaii.rr.com
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 07:34:57 -1000

Hello ic users,

'Nother newbie here.  I've been watching the list for a while now and it
seems everyone is quite helpful.  I have a rather simple question.  After
deleting the items from the products construct something templates, I have
been adding my products into the database that installs with akopia.  When I
view the products table, everything is there of course, however when I view
the pricing, and inventory tables, it show the defualt items that come with
the contstruct someting template.  The way the software is setup, I would
guess that there is a way to automatically update those tables without
having to go through each item individualy to update them.  Thank you in