[ic] Moving a Catalog/Cart

Ron Dorman rwd@csi1st.net
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 21:36:35 -0500

We are relatively new to Interchange.  We have 4 carts in development
and are preparing to move the first one to production.  We have had a
couple of revelations here.  First and foremost - the catalog should
have been created in it's final resting place to begin with.  Searching
archives turned up a couple of references, the better being Doug
Alcorn's response.

We are in a slightly different situation though.  We have one machine
where we are doing development under one site, with subdirectories for
customer sites in development.  Thus, the customers have a place to look
at the work for proofing.  When accepted, the site is moved to the
customers web site directories on the same server for production.
Doug's directions stipulate creating a catalog with makecat and then
copying the changes from development to new directories (on a different
server), dumping the database and importing on the new server.

All these things make sense, but leave some things unanswered.

How do you get a MySQL database created by makecat that is not a test

Is it better to leave it in a test database (I would not think so)?

There is a production site in the directories you are moving to
(Interchange is an upgrade to an existing site) so you don't want to
step on html files that already exist in the htdocs directory until go
live time.  Renaming some html files seems the only option available if
you want to move and test. Otherwise move and be live, prepared to jump
through hoops quickly for any problems arising from the move.  Any other

Since we are on the same machine, can we simply copy the directories
from the current location to the new location and change some config
file entries for the new directory?

If so, which entries, and are all the changes needed in the catalog.cfg

If not all in the catalog.cfg file, what files do we need to look at?

This is a long one with several questions.  Thanks for any help
provided.  It will be passed on as we mature in our knowledge of this
great package.

Ron D.