[ic] Feedback form does not send email

Curt Hauge chc@mninter.net
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 18:07:07 -0600


After converting a working catalog (using tarball) from MV4.04 to IC4.6.3 on Linux Mandrake 6.0, the feedback form is not functioning properly. It appears to process everything correctly. The error logs in local/interchange/error.log and local/catalogs/mycat/error.log both report the same:

/cgi-bin/mycat/process.html Safe: Unable to create sub named "*MVSAFE::form_mail" at (eval 307) line 2

I have checked config.cfg and it contains the same correct email address for:


The special/feedback.html page contains the basic:

[set feedback_active][/set]
[set name=feedback_sent interpolate=1]
[perl arg=sub interpolate=1]
			q{[value feedback_subject]},
			q{[value feedback_email]},
			<<'EOMail' )

From: [value feedback_name]
Email: [value feedback_email]
Subject: [value feedback_subject]
[value feedback_message]

Perl Info:

Perl Version      Perl 5.00503 (called with: perl)  
Optional Module Information      LWP::Simple found (v1.33).
MD5 found (v2.01).
MIME::Base64 found (v2.12).
SQL::Statement found (v0.1017).
Safe::Hole found (v0.08).
Storable found (v1.010).
Tie::Watch not found. Minor: cannot set watch points in catalog.cfg.
URI::URL found (v5.02). 
Safe operations untrapped      ftfile sort rand 

I have spent hours trying to figure this out, searching the docs and archives for "minivend feedback form" "minivend feedback form not working", "interchange feedback form", "MVSAFE", etc., and even reinstalled the tarball and re-configured another catalog, only to have the same problem appear. Anyone seen this behavior before or any suggestions as to where to look?

Thanks in advance,

Curt Hauge