[ic] DAtabse problem

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Mon, 12 Mar 2001 10:10:47 +0800

Hello Marcelo,

You will have to clear a lot of tables. Go to the admin backend, and
clear out inventory and merchandising. You will have to export the
products file to the default location on the server under products/

Hope that helps.

EVERYONE ELSE, are there any plans to link products with merchandising, so if a
product is deleted, then all the other details are cleared?


Monday, March 12, 2001, 9:41:50 AM, you wrote:

MFDP> Hello list,

MFDP> I have installed the IC 4.6.3 and I'm trying to delete all products from
MFDP> the item list with Interchange administration interface. But when I do
MFDP> that and enter in the construct store the products still there but with
MFDP> no price and no description. It's okay because i have deleted the
MFDP> products but why interchance still showing the products with no
MFDP> information if I deleted from the database?

MFDP> Do I have to make anything else?

MFDP> Any help will be welcome.

MFDP> Thanks,

MFDP> Marcelo
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