[ic] How to define Default price in not product database

Mark Johnson markj@redhat.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 09:50:25 -0500

jojo@blackpoint.de wrote:
> I'm wanting to know, how to change the
> "PriceField ....."
> dynamically per pages or per "dealer" too!
> Any tips, hints and suggestions are very welcome.
> Thanks!
>         Joachim

You can find an example of this in the default "construct" demo via an
Autoload directive in catalog.cfg. Autoload is code executed at the time
of any page request before anything else is executed. In the "construct"

Autoload <<EOR
    if($Scratch->{dealer}) {
            $Config->{PriceField} = 'no_price';

There's no reason you can't add in current page conditionals, or
anything else you might be able to think of.

Mark Johnson
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