[ic] shipping voo-doo challenge question

Mark Stosberg mark@summersault.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 11:05:30 -0500


  After reviewing the IC docs on setting up shipping schemes several
times, it still seems somewhat like voodoo to me. So I have extra
respect for anyone who can help me implement the following shipping
logic in Interchange: 

" Use a flat rate shipping price based on quantity with price breaks at
1 and 10, but exclude any items in the quantity count that have a true
value in the 'download' column in the products table". 

I had the basic price point structure set up, but adding in the
exception for soft goods (which don't effect the shipping charge), has
thrown me for a loop.

Perhaps related: In the simple demo of Interchange, there doesn't appear
to be a mention of handling soft goods in the shipping table, but I
assume they are not being charged for shipping. How is shipping being
handled for those items?



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