[ic] mv_order_route

Matthew Schick mschick@brightredproductions.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:26:03 -0600

On Monday March 12 2001 20:10, you wrote:

> He clearly outlined the problem below:
> > > I'm using IC 4.6.0 on a redhat machine 6.0 with supercharged hardware
> Obviously, "supercharged hardware" means that you're having electrical
> difficulties.  We usually recommend a good industrial power conditioner and
> UPS.  If your power supply is giving you problems, try moving to a 400 watt
> or higher N+1 power supply.
> If, on the other hand, you meant "supercharged hardware", then I recommend
> downloading your credit report off the net and checking just how "super"
> your "charge" was.
> If, on the third hand, you mean "supercharg'ed", then I recommend you
> de-superchargg your hardware right away.  Chargg'ing is a leading cause of
> hardware failures, and the super-chargg procedure can be detrimental.
> -Dan
Matthew Schick
Bright Red Productions, LLC