[ic] network problem

LM lmorley@flexihost.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 22:26:54 -0800

Did you start interchange?

For the RPM version:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/interchange start

>From the sources (assuming you installed to /usr/local/interchange)
If you're logged in as the interchange user ("interch"):
   /usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange -r
or as root:
   su interch -c '/usr/local/interchange/bin/interchange -r'

You might want to get the tutorial at developer.akopia.com
(iccattut.pdf); its got a lot of helpful info in it.

- Larry

> I have successed install interchange into my server and it worked. But
> today, when i want to access it, it failed and the msg is "We're sorry,
the Interchange server is unavailable...
> We are out of service or may be experiencing high system demand,
> please try again soon."
> Why?
> Rgds,
> Ernaldi