[ic] Admin Images Missing

Costa Armin (Student Econ99) Armin.Costa@unibz.it
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 17:39:08 +0100

The images in the admin section do not show up because you didn't specifiy
the right path during the catalog configuration.

Do you remembre the path you had to set:    <img src="/......."      The
Slash is a placeholder of the document root directory (/home/httpd/html)

Try to reinstall the catalogue and set the path relatively as you set the
path were all "construct" documents are located (I'll suggest not in the
document root directory --  /home/httpd/html -- but in
/home/httpd/html/construct or whatever you choose as catalogue name). So,
set <img src="/construct " >. In the next steps the server will want you to
confirm something like that <img src="/construct/images"

I hope that helps

I had the same problem when first trying to set up interchange..

Bye Armin Costa

Italian Guy
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I just installed a new catalog and for some reason all of the images in
ADMIN are missing.  Any ideas as to why?  Everything shows up fine on the
site.  Thanks for any advice.

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