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> How do you disable shipping?
> How do you disable inventory?
> When processing an order for a non-inventory soft product I get the
> error: "NOTE: Nothing to ship!" and of course it won't complete the
> transaction.

The "NOTE: Nothing to ship!" is not an error - the transaction should
complete without and 'shipping weight', it works this way for gift_cert
items.  I diasabled (redefined, actually) invetory by looking for tags
like this:

  [if-item-data inventory quantity < 1]
   <a href="[area stock-alert [item-code]]"><font face="Verdana, Arial,
Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#FF0000">Back Ordered</FONT>

in places like   /templates/components/cart  and  /pages/ord/checkout
and re-write them (or eliminate them) to suit.  Personally, we have 3
kinds of inventory at our store:

1) Actual items on hand (inventory > 0)
2) Items we can get within 1 week (inventory = 0)
3) Items we can't get anytime soon (inventory set = -1, by hand)

So we don't get a back-ordered listing unless we know that our
distributors/manufacturers can't get any either.

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